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Survey Requirements

The Bermuda Department of Maritime Administration has a staff of qualified and experienced surveyors based at its headquarters in Hamilton.   They are available to deal with enquiries and approvals, and to travel to complete surveys on Bermuda ships.

In addition the Administration has a number of highly qualified and experienced surveyors based in the UK and in Croatia who conduct surveys and audits whenever required.

With the exception of passenger ship safety surveys and related approvals and ISM and ISPS audits and security plan approvals, all other survey functions are delegated to the recognised classification societies.

For newbuilding projects the Department of Maritime Administration will arrange with the attending classification society a schedule of delegations and approval processes at the start of the project.  Normally the audits for issue of the interim ISM and ISPS certification will be delegated to the classification society.

Certificates and documents for:

  • Passenger Ship Safety,
  • CLC (bunkers)
  • CLC (oil)
  • Safe Manning
  • Security plan approval

will be issued by the Department of Maritime Administration.  All other certificates will be issued by the ships recognised organisation.

For existing ships transferring from another flag to Bermuda the process is very similar to that for newbuilding projects.  The need for interim ISM and ISPS certification will depend on whether or not there is a change in ISM or ISPS resulting from, for example, a change in manager that would necessitate the issue of interim certificates.

For existing Bermuda ships it is the intention of the Department of Maritime Administration  to complete all ISM and ISPS audits, and when it comes into force, all MLC inspections for ships in service using its own survey staff.